Self A/C Maintenance

Save on repairs

Maintenance & self-troubleshooting tips

Don’t forget to do the following before you turn on your air conditioner in the summer!

Air conditioners also have a life expectancy, and if they are used for a long time for example over 10 years, the frequency of repairs πŸ›  will rise dramatically.

Usually the life span of an air conditioner is 10-15 years, if over 15 years, the cooling effect is greatly reduced, and of course waste electricity πŸ’Έ

New air conditioners provide a much higher cooling efficiency β™» which means not only cooler, but also save more money πŸ’°

If your air conditioner suffers problem, our professional technicians from Breezecome can come up to your home and repair it!

Also if you need a replacement πŸ”, we have many models and brands of air conditioners for you to chooseπŸ₯‡


Remove the winter cover of the outside unit

The air conditioner cover completes its mission in winter 🌨, don’t forget to remove it before the air conditioner is turned on!


Replace the filter

Replace the filter close to your furnace
Replace the filter in time for smoother air circulation πŸ’¨, because during summer the blower of the furnace is still working!!


Test the cooling effect

Turn on the air conditioner and try to see if it is cold and cools down quickly ❄, if the effect is not good, it may be necessary to add πŸ‘‰ refrigerant


check the breaker on the service panel

The service panel usually locates in your basement facility room. If your ac is not working properly, you can check whether the breaker is in right position.