HRV Installation

Ventilation : a key to a healthy home.

HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilator

In colder climates, where home heating is essential, the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is the proper choice. The HRV keeps the home supplied with a steady flow of fresh outdoor air. As stale, warm air expells, the heat recovery core warms the incoming fresh, colder air before distribution throughout the home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort. In addition to heat recovery and improved air quality, the HRV provides necessary ventilation while controlling excess humidity.


Humidity and pollutants trapped in your home!

Daily activities such as showering or cooking release moisture into the air. Over time, if this moisture cannot evacuate, its accumulation will cause mold build up, unpleasant odors and costly damages to the house structure often in hidden places.

When discovered, it is already too late.

Ventilation is a necessity. According to experts, whole-house ventilation and filtration effectively eliminate airborne pollutants and excess moisture, thereby protecting the health of your family and the structure of your home.

It’s a fact: today’s homes are so well insulated that they trap moisture and pollutants inside. Fresh air is missing.

So, without fresh air, carbon dioxide, odors, dust, airborne pollutants and excess humidity are kept indoors.

What happens? More than half of the houses have visible signs of moisture and develop mold that affect the occupants not to mention all the health problems that result.

Without ventilation, there are no indoor air quality inside the house, no life quality, no comfort and certainly, a deterioration of the structure of the house.

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