GF3200PFT Humidifier



GF3200PFT Humidifier

Water Efficient Flow-Through

Patented electronic water flow control reduces demand for water by up to 88% compared to ordinary flow-through humidifiers. When in operation, the water supply solenoid valve is pulsed on for approximately 4 seconds, sufficient time to soak the entire evaporative pad. Upon saturation, the valve is closed for approximately 30 seconds to allow the dispersed water to evaporate without the waste of excess water flowing into the pad and down the drain. The interval times on this cycle can be changed depending on the type of furnace.

Filter Frame

Large replaceable filter pad is encased in a disposable frame designed to retain water during the quenching cycle which further reduces wasted run-off water.

Water Hammer Protection

Quiet and reliable operation of DCV solenoid valve is further enhanced by section of engineered rubber hose to absorb potential ‘water-hammer’ shock.

Efficient Operation

The electronic water flow controller limits the amount of waste water which also reduces energy loss from furnace heat which is no longer transferred to the excess flow-through water normally lost down the drain.

Uses 1/2” Push-On Valve with Shut-Off in Place of Saddle Valve

Replacement Vapor Pad: DPDS00200