The Superior Reverse Osmosis System from Excalibur Water Systems uses membrane technology to generate high-purity drinking water. This system removes numerous chemicals and heavy metals from your water supply, with a contaminant rejection rate of 99.5%. Excalibur’s Reverse Osmosis system utilizes a pressure reducing valve and autoflush, and comes complete with designer faucet, storage tank and installation fitting kit. Minimum water pressure of 30 psi is required to operate this system.

Choose Purified Water

Drinking enough Reverse Osmosis Purified Water can improve your health and well being. The organs in your body need enough water to achieve optimal health. Water helps maintain blood volume which maintains your energy. Proper hydration improves your concentration and reaction time, especially during exercise. Water increases the number of calories you burn during regular daily activities. Increased water consumption reduces the excess sodium that can cause fluid retention and Reverse Osmosis Purified Water helps protect against a variety of ailments such as:


*Urinary Tract Infections

*Constipation Kidney Stones

*Bladder Cancer