Excalibur-Chlor-A-Soft Series Water Softener Plus



The Chlor-A-Soft Series high efficiency water softener from Excalibur Water Systems is the top-selling municipal water combination system that blends two medias together, providing soft water plus chlorine and chemical filtration, all in one system.

Hard water can :

Shorten the life of your appliances
Prevent your clothes from being cleaned properly, no matter how much detergent you use Cause deposits like limescale to cling to your dishes, causing a cloudy appearance
Increase your chances of having soap scum and mineral buildup in your bathroom and kitchen Lead to plumbing issues in your home by constricting the flow of water in your pipes
Dry out your skin and hair

All of these hard water issues can be solved with a Chlor-A-Soft Series Water Softener Plus. The life of your appliances will be extended, your dishware will shine, and your clothing will be bright and clean.

Safe Water

Your water may look clear, but all municipal water contains highly toxic chemicals that can pose a danger to your health. The Chlor-A-Soft Series Water Softener Plus removes unwanted chlorine, chemicals, THM’s, and VOC’s from your municipal water supply; providing safe, filtered water for you and your family.

Choose Excalibur

Choose soft, filtered water you and your family can depend on with the Chlor-A-Soft Series Water Softener Plus from Excalibur Water Systems.