BX-HP15ECO series Heat Pump



BX-HP15ECO -EcoHeat Series Heat Pump W/ A Coil

Crafted for Unparalleled Comfort andSpace Efficiency

*Impressive Energy Efficiency (Up to 16 SEER2):This system offers exceptional energy efficiency, resulting insignificant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
*Space-Saving Design:The compact trunk-style outdoor unit is the ideal choice wheninstallation space is limited, providing versatility in placement.
*Inverter (Variable-Speed) Compressor:Experience optimal indoor comfort and efficiency thanks tothe inverter technology,which adjusts the compressor’sspeed to match your specific cooling requirements.
*Quiet Operation (Low dBA):Reclaim outdoor space without disruptions, as this systemoperates quietly and minimizes noise.
*Ease of Maintenance:Designed for user-friendly service, the system featuresconvenient side panel access, simplifying maintenance andupkeep.
*Lightweight and Easy to install:
Compared to traditional cube-style systems, this system islightweight, making it easier to handle and install, saving youtime and effort.