Ecuadorian Wedding Customs

When planning a marriage, it’s important to make sure the day may be a true representation of you and your partner. If it’s deciding on a venue, picking entertainment or selecting the perfect menu, all the details counts! And incorporating several local practices can add much more meaning to your big day.

Ecuador is mostly a country with an important mix of Catholic and native influences. Therefore, most of their marriage traditions incorporate both factors to create exclusive ceremonies and celebrations. From a serenata to an consumable ceremony, these types of ecuadorian wedding traditions are definitely worth checking out!

At Community center or municipal ceremonies, couples usually exchange vows ahead of family and friends. They will either recite traditional vows or ones they have written themselves. When they recite all their vows, guests will often bathtub them with rice or bloom petals for good luck.

In some cases, Ecuadorians will also carry an agrarian-style reception after their particular ceremony. They’ll have a table devoted to food, including dishes like roasted pork and sugary potatoes. They might also include refreshments such as cocaína tea or aguardiente.

The groom and his family members typically pay for the wedding, which can price up to 800 euros or more. They could also have to cover the expense of flowers to get the religious organization and car decorations, a folk vocalist and band, and even more.